1st Grade and Up:  Drawing is a fundamental skill of the visual arts that can be learned at an early age.  Students are taught drawing skills while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom starting at age 6.
Classes are comprehensive with many art mediums taught and delivers a top in home classroom experience that is fun, engaging, educational and affordable.
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1st Grade and Up:  Classes in Piano, Violin, Viola, Guitar, and Dulcimer are designed to teach the fundamentals of the instrument up to an intermediate level. Students will learn music theory, posture, technique, listening skills, note reading and healthy practice habits in a friendly and fun environment!  Learning tools in piano classes include individual pianos, group theory games and computer music theory skills testing.  Students must have an instrument of their own and be willing the sign a practice agreement with the instructor.  Private lessons are available for any student. Go to "Find A Class" to view the schedule of available classes.
SEWING CLASSES (by request of current students)

6th Grade and Up:  Designed for students to learn principles of sewing!  Students use machines provided at the Academy and may need to eventually have their own at home if they want to continue this craft.  This class is "project" based and students may be required to pay a materials fee for each project.  Students will be taught sewing safety and the parts of the machine before they may begin their projects.  This class is offered in the Summer semester only.  Go to "Find A Class" above to view classes available.
COOKING CLASSES (by request of current students)

5th Grade and Up:  This class is offered late Fall and early Spring Semesters. Designed for students to learn the basics of cooking!  Use a real kitchen to bake a pie or pizza.....or maybe you want to learn how to make your own Swedish meatballs.  Students learn how to follow a recipe, set a table, serve your guests and clean up afterward.  This class is fun and safe for kids ages 10 and up.  A minimal grocery supply fee is required during the semester for this class.  Bon appetit!